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As soon as we saw grandfather holding the olive oil bottle and sitting on the table, we knew: Dinner

Our grandfather loved olive oil. He would constantly speak of its value: If we wanted to grow up and be healthy, to be smart, to be loved and successful, if we wanted to be able to do the best we could, olive oil was the “answer” to fulfill almost every requirement. This olive oil, made of olives of the varieties “kolovi” and “adramitini” in the family’s olive groves, was his life. He loved telling us stories of old times, stories that his grandfather used to tell him. He wouldn’t eat anything cooked without it. He even used it to make the family’s soaps, in the way his grandmother had taught him. Later on, when our grandmother was buying soap, he insisted using his own, the homemade one.

Lesvos olive oil is nowadays well known in many countries worldwide, in which its import is increasing. Science confirms its beneficial effects on health and emphasizes on the value of polyphenols for our body. More and more young people are interested in working or investing in olive oil commerce. Our olive oil accompanies the most delicious meals in some of the best restaurants and it’s considered the most important element of the Mediterranean diet and one of the most important Greek export products. According to many, it is a top gourmet food, while to others it is a way to add a special flavor to a simple dish. As far as the locals are concerned, olive oil is part of their everyday life. Olive groves are the heart of Lesvos landscape. Olive oil production makes everyone on the island feel connected to their past.

I was wondering what’s most important for someone who ‘s visiting Mytilene. Which of the following would be the most memorable for the visitors? Taking long walks on its beautiful villages and streets, enjoying its architecture? Tasting Lesvos amazing homemade sweets and cuisine, while drinking the famous ouzo, in some of the most picturesque cafés you ‘ve ever seen? Visiting places of cultural interest, such as the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production or Theofilos house? There are lots of things to do, plenty of places to visit, a plethora of choice for everyone. My question was answered when some tourists passed me by, talking, laughing and holding a bottle of ouzo and a bottle of olive oil in their hands.

When every harvest comes to its end, the most fulfilling reward is this thought: We ‘ve made our grandfather proud of us and of our efforts to offer a product of exceptional quality to people who would like to taste it worldwide.

It is, indeed, a great honor to be able to keep the tradition alive. Starting from the olive groves of Komi, in Mytilene, Greece, motivated by our family’s past, we produce a premium quality product, a rich in flavor and low in acidity extra virgin oil: The award-winning Lesvion olive oil.


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