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The acclaimed and award-winning Lesvion olive oil is cultivated with love at our Giakalis family estate on the mountainous slopes of our homeland, Lesvos island.


In our family, olive oil is more than just our passion, it's a way of life. It runs deep within every branch of our family tree roots and flows through hundreds of years of history. Our olive groves, nestled in the fertile soil that have been passed down for generations, are tended to with dedication, care, and passion.


The fruit of our labor is an exceptional quality product that embodies the spirit of Lesvos, its people, and the land itself. We are committed to preserving the tradition and quality of our land, so we can pass on this valuable heritage to future generations and share it with the rest of the world.

We believe in the power and beauty of olive trees and their ability to produce some of the most nutritious, delicious, and healthful oil on earth. With each harvest, we strive to create a distinguished product that will bring joy and delight into your life.


Lesvion is cold-pressed and made from 100% organic olives. This means no additives, preservatives, or other chemicals are used in the production of the olive oil, allowing it to retain all of the natural goodness and nutrients of the olives.


Lesvion is a product as old as the history of our island itself. According to historical sources, it is believed that Lesvos has been producing olive oil since the Bronze Age with an excavated olive press dating back to 2800-2000 BC. Since then and up to today, Lesvos has been a renowned and integral part of the olive oil industry. Covered with over 11 million olive trees that make up 30% of the island's total land area, it is safe to say that the spirit Lesvos is engraved in the olive oil.

We invite you to join us on our journey and explore the world of Lesvos through Lesvion. Our mission is to bring the authentic quality and exceptional flavor of our innovative Lesvion olive oil to homes and kitchens around the globe. Discover more about Lesvion!


Our Products

250 - 750ml


250 -750ml


5 L


Awards / Recognitions

We are thrilled and honored to have received awards and recognition for our extra virgin organic olive oil from the following organizations:

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