Our Product

  LESVION is an extra organic virgin olive oil which is produced inside the olive groves of the Giakalis family from organic cultivation olives from the varieties of Kolovi and Adramitini in the percentages of 65% and 35% equally.

  These are the two varieties that have its roots and its magnificent nuts in Greece and more specifically in the beautiful island of Lesbos. The olive trees are situated on the hillsides of the mountainous estate of the Giakali family, with the wide system of its roots pervading through the rocky grounds, transferring in this way the important nutritional components and the various flavors from neighboring self-grown, wild trees directly to the nut of the olive, providing it with a unique extra olive oil, “a liquid made of gold”.

 LESVION is characterized by the excellent balance of its fruity taste with the characteristic feeling of bitterness and also the burn from the notes of pepper and its distinct aromatic character.

  We recommend you to use the olive oil mainly in fresh cold salads, baked fish and legumes during serving, in order for you to enjoy its unique aroma and flavor.

   We encourage you to discover us, tasting in this way our treasure that was kept hidden for years.