Legacy & Health

  In the island of Lesvos, which is characterized by its unique climate, its virgin vegetation and its specific geomorphology, where the olive becomes the symbol of the place, the olive groves of the Giakali family create products of high gastronomic and nutritional value since ancient times.

  The extra virgin olive oil, especially the organic one, is a wonderful natural juice and the superior quality of olive oil that one can encounter. Due to its nutritional wealth, it contributes to a balanced diet and to the maintenance of health.

  Constant scientific researches discover a growing amount of its benefits to the health of our body. It acts beneficially in our health, as it reduces the bad cholesterol and the triglycerides inside the blood, protects us from the cardiovascular diseases and cancer, lowers the blood pressure while it also has an antioxidative action.

   We, the Giakalis family of LESVION, with love, pride and passion (meraki), introduce you the fresh and marvelous Greek product, which provides you with the ultimate pleasure and which stands out for its purity, its strong aroma, its bright color that states the rich density in nutritional components, its fruity but also spicy flavor.

  LESVION as an organic olive oil derives from organic cultivation olives. Its production involves only mechanical methods of extraction, without the use of pesticides and chemical substances and it comes from the cold first pressing while its acidity is less than 0.6%.